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All about Garlic

| December 17, 2014 Comment

All about Garlic – “Food Network Star” chef Vic “Vegas” Moea welcomes host Judy Greer to his Las Vegas restaurant to teach her a few things about garlic.

Garlic is known as the most medicinal plant in history. Studies show that garlic can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and is therefore, good for your heart.

Garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Garlic’s flavor becomes more pungent the more it’s chopped or crushed. Garlic contains the medicinal compound, allicin, a sulphur compound that gives garlic its strong and distinctive odor. The allicin is strong enough to kill bacteria like e-coli and salmonella, but allicin is strongest when used 10-15 minutes after garlic is crushed or chopped.

Allicin supplements and creams are used to prevent and treat many conditions including acne and sinusitis. Allicin also heals cuts.

How to get the garlic odor off from your hands and fingers after cooking with it? Rub some lemon or lime juice, or baking sodal on your hands.

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