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Avoiding a Dangerous Food Enhancer

| December 3, 2014 Comment

Avoiding a Dangerous Food Enhancer – Lea Maloney, co-owner of D’Amore’s Pizza in Los Angeles, discusses with host Judy Greer the dangers of flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG.

MSG enhances the flavor of foods – especially processed foods and meats. Manufacturers have found that it gets consumers hooked on their products, and it’s cheap.

But the side effects can be scary – the less sensitive can experience nausea and fatigue. In more extreme cases, MSG’s been linked as an aggravator for conditions including Alzheimer’s, Maloney says.

Maloney warns it’s not just in Chinese food but is actually “lurking” almost everywhere.

Canned soups, salad dressing, and crackers are top culprits. Red-flag ingredients include glutamate, textured protein, gelatin, and yeast extract.

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