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Boost Your Digestion with a Simple Breakfast

| December 8, 2014 Comment

Boost Your Digestion with a Simple Breakfast – Adina Niemerow, author of “Super Cleanse,” teaches host Judy Greer how to make a simple breakfast porridge that boosts your digestive system.

Health starts in the digestive tract. Ingredients for this cereal or porridge aid in digestion.


  • Ginger, chopped
  • Lemon juice
  • Green apples, chopped
  • Almonds, soaked overnight
  • Flax seed, finely ground
  • Figs or date, chopped


Chop fruits and blend all ingredients without water, into a coarse mixture. You can serve this simple breakfast with almond milk if you want.

Quick facts about the ingredients:

  • Ginger is a natural heartburn remedy.
  • Soaking raw nuts release more nutrients and makes them easier to digest by breaking down gluten and protein.
  • Figs moisten the intestines, and are a great source of calcium and iron.
  • Malic acid gives many fruits (green apples) their tart flavor; it bonds to metallic toxins and makes it easy for the body to flush them out.
  • Lemon emulsifies fat in the body; adding a little lemon juice to water alkalizes the water.


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