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Coffee with Tamoxifen May Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer

| May 18, 2015 Comment

Coffee with Tamoxifen May Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer – Researchers from Lund University in Sweden found that women taking the drug Tamoxifen for breast cancer halved the risk of recurrence.

The new study builds on findings from an earlier one and combines lifestyle information along with medical data on over a 1,000 breast cancer patients. Tamoxifen is one drug used for hormone therapy for patients with estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer, after they have undergone surgery. Tamoxifen prevents estrogen from binding to breast cancer cells, which stops them growing and dividing.

Researchers assessed the amount of coffee being consumed by the 500 participants as low consumption (less than one cup a day), moderate consumption (two to four cups and day) and high consumption (five or more cups a day). They found that women with moderate to high coffee consumption had halved their risk of their breast cancer recurring when compared with those with low to no coffee consumption. They also found that women who had at least two cups of coffee a day had smaller tumors and a lower proportion of hormone-dependent tumors than women who consumed less coffee.

According to researchers, caffeine reduced cell division and increased cell death among both ER+ and estrogen receptor-negative (ER-) breast cancer cells, and when combined with Tamoxifen, this effect was stronger.


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