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Debra Messing: Allergy Medication Has Saved My Career

| April 18, 2015 Comment

Debra Messing: Allergy medication has saved my career – Actress Debra Messing has credited allergy medication Zyrtec for saving her career after shutting down many film and TV shoots due to swelling and breathing problems.

The former Will & Grace star, currently in  the series, The Mysteries of Laura, is a paid spokesperson for the drug and admits it’s the only thing that has helped her combat a myriad of allergies. She tells Access Hollywood Live , “Before I discovered Zyrtec I was on several different projects where we had to shut down because I had a horrible allergy attack.

Last year, when she signed on to endorse Zyrtec, she called the drug “a revelation,” adding, “I found something that I could take in the morning and I was set for 24 hours and I could go out in the park and play soccer with my son and not worry about it.”

The medication has also solved Messing’s snoring problem.

Spring season, with all the pollen blowing around, is hard on allergy-sufferers. Messing teamed up with Zyrtec to help women find a viable solution that will alleviate the sneezing, the stuffy nose, watery eyes, and puffy face associated with allergies. She also mentioned using saline drops to help clear her eyes of allergens and a mist to spray on her face. Her beauty regimen also involves wiping her face with icy-cold witch-hazel water, first thing in the morning, to help get the blood flowing, and tighten the skin and pores.


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