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Do Only Women Get Breast Cancer?

| July 5, 2014 Comment

Do Only Women Get Breast Cancer? For a guy, finding a lump in one of your pecs may not seem like a big deal. It is, though. Find out more information on male breast cancer in this video.

Expert: Constantine Hatzis, Ph.D. Australian Defense Force Medical Officer


Men don’t have breasts, per se. Therefore, men shouldn’t get breast cancer. But they DO, to the tune of 1,500 new cases a year.

The issue is that most men, and even many doctors, don’t recognize breast cancer in men. Also, men tend to dismiss a lump, while a woman is much more likely to notice and know what it is.

Men are also unfamiliar with the three major risk factors: age; family history of the disease; and obesity.

Having even ONE risk factor is reason enough to do a quick self-exam every 3 months. When you’re in the shower, feel across the chest with the tips of your fingers, and under the nipple, for any unusual lumps. You’re looking for a lump that will feel small and firm, like a pea. And, lump or no lump, if you have any discharge or bleeding from the nipple, ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist in male breast cancer.

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