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Fun, Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight

| November 30, 2014 Comment

Fun, Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight – Losing weight has never been more fun thanks to health coach Carey Peters fun tips for host Judy Greer.

  • Drink lots of water and make drinking water fun. Add 1/4 tsp of raw green powder ( which has wheat grass and other greens) to every 8 oz of water.
  • Switch out soda for healthier drinks. Make a healthy soda by mixing together sparkling water and Emergen-C.
  • Add protein to your snacks and meals; it can help you lose weight. The key to weight-loss is to keep your blood sugar stable, and protein helps you do that, as it takes a body longer to digest.
  • Have a slow-eating contest with yourself. Slow, mindful eating will make you feel full and eat less.
  • Have non-food related rewards for good or bad days.


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