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Gluten Demystified

| December 17, 2014 Comment

What is gluten?

Gluten Demystified – Alex Thomopolous, host of Bites and Booze on YouTube’s Hungry channel, reveals the sweet truth about gluten with host Judy Greer.

Quick Facts

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten gives elasticity to breads and hold them together. Gluten is hard to digest. Those who are allergic to gluten lack the enzymes required to break down gluten, and gluten kills the villi in their small intestine. Villi are the “little fingers” in the small intestine that help aid nutrient absorption.

Gluten allergy causes celiac disease, which can cause hair to fall out and teeth to chip, and make you feel sick. In most people, celiac disease develops as they get older. More than 2 million people in the US have celiac disease.

The wheat that we eat is so modified that our bodies are not able to digest it, and more and more people are finding out that even if they don’t have celiac disease, they feel so much better when they don’t eat gluten. Gluten can also cause stomach upsets and bloating.

There are several gluten-free breads that are available in the market. These breads use whole grains and starches to replace the gluten.

Rice and buckwheat are common flours used in gluten-free foods.

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