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How to Give Yourself a Salon-Style Scalp Massage

| March 27, 2015 Comment

How to Give Yourself a Salon-Style Scalp Massage – Be honest: The scalp massage you get at the salon is pretty much your favorite part of getting a haircut or a blowout, right?

While it’s admittedly physically impossible to totally replicate the experience without one of those reclining chairs and an extra set of hands, here are a few pointers on how to make washing your own hair a more enjoyable experience.

One thing to remember is to massage your scalp with oil before you shampoo. Oil attracts oil, so rubbing some into your scalp and hair when they’re feeling extra dirty will actually remove some of the grease.

Another thing to do is avoid using your nails. Not only can scratching cause burning and irritation—but any dirt or bacteria lurking underneath your nails can lead to an infection.

Scrub your scalp thoroughly and your hairline. If you have fine hair, massage your scalp after rinsing out the shampoo. Condition the ends, especially if they’re rough and dry, and use cooler water to rinse out the conditioner for a nice shine.


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