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How to Saute Spinach

| August 8, 2014 Comment

How to Saute Spinach – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

We will turn up the heat a little bit. Make sure it is nice and warm. Before we get started, let me show you, this looks like a lot of spinach. This is about 5 ounces, okay? It looks like, right now, if you made it as a salad, it could feed about 4 people. But you are going to see, it is going to wilt down in the pan, because spinach is full of water. All of that water comes out, once it hits the heat in the pan. It is like magic what happens.

Okay, so we are going to add the oil to the pan, just about a tablespoon. Give it a nice swirl around. Put the spinach in first. Do not put the garlic in first, because that is going to burn. You want to put the garlic in at the end, so it can cook with the spinach, and not burn, and you would not taste that, that rancid taste of burnt garlic.

So we are going to throw this in here. And you will see, in a matter of about a minute or 2, this is all going to cook down, and it is going to be delicious. And the spinach kind of serves as a bed for the garlic. So it, it does not hit the bottom of the pan, and burn. And it is going to flavor all the leaves really nicely. And this is a good time to add some salt. And this is just about done, super quick, super easy.

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