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Mixed Progress on Curbing Food-borne Pathogens in US

| May 16, 2015 Comment

Mixed Progress on Curbing Food-borne Pathogens in US – US cases of two deadly types of food-borne pathogens have fallen sharply since 2008, but rates of other key types of food-borne bugs have increased, according to the latest report on nine pathogens tracked by health officials.

Dr. Patricia Griffin of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s division of food-borne diseases Said,”The picture is mixed,” adding, “Most of it is not good news.”

Despite making progress in certain areas, US health officials have made no progress in curbing overall rates of salmonella and campylobacter – two pathogens that cause the highest number of illnesses in people. Griffin says, to see more progress with these pathogens, there need to be changes in the meat and poultry industries.


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