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Must-Ask Questions for Routine Doctor Visits

| December 2, 2014 Comment

Must-Ask Questions for Routine Doctor Visits – Host Judy Greer visits her doctor to learn what questions patients should be asking during their routine visits. And once again it’s all about diet and exercise.

See your doctor once a year for a routine physical checkup. Your personal history, family health history and habits are important.

Good eating, sleeping, and exercise habits are key to good health.

66% of the US population is overweight.

Check your cholesterol levels; they tend to rise as you get older. Good cholesterol levels do not guarantee good health.

3 Tips for maintaining good health:

  • Avoid processed food and eat a variety of fresh food. Eat in moderation.
  • Focus your exercise on frequent, sustained cardiovascular workouts.
  • Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water.

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