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Older Women Urged to Watch for Breast Cancer Signs

| July 13, 2015 Comment

Older Women Urged to Watch for Breast Cancer Signs – According to a survey conducted by Public Health England, many women over the age of 70 are unaware of all the early warning signs of breast cancer.

The survey asked women over the age of 40 to name signs of breast cancer, and found that only 48% of the women over 70 were able to name symptoms other than a lump in the breast. Researchers say that 1 in 3 women diagnosed with breast cancer in England are 70 and over, and these women are more likely to delay going to their doctor, which can affect their chances of survival, as early diagnosis is key to treating the disease.

Public Health England is now running a breast cancer awareness campaign called Be Clear on Cancer, educating women about breast cancer signs such as lumps, discharges, changes in nipples, skin, and shape of breasts. In the UK, about 9,500 women die of breast cancer every year, and half of them are older women. Health officials hope that the campaign will encourage older women to look closely for warning signs of breast cancer and consult their doctor earlier for a better prognosis. Officials are also considering extending breast-cancer screening to women over 70 and under 50.


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