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Tag: physical activity

UK Study Debunks Recent Research on the Sitting Disease

| October 20, 2015 Comment

UK Study Debunks Recent Research on the Sitting Disease – We’re all familiar with recent studies that have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health, and that it may be better to stand. Authors of a new study, however, say that sitting or standing doesn’t have a negative […]

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New Yorkers Sit for Too Long

| May 29, 2015 Comment

New Yorkers Sit for Too Long – According to a new study published in the journal, Preventing Chronic Disease, New Yorkers sit for an average of seven hours which may be endangering their health. Researcher Stella Yi of the New York University School of Medicine, with help from the New York City Department of Health […]

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Sugar and Carbs Are to Blame for Obesity

| April 23, 2015 Comment

Sugar and Carbs Are to Blame for Obesity – If you think you can exercise your way to normal weight, think again! In an editorial published in the the British Journal of Sports Medicine, experts point out that a diet that has excessive carbohydrates and sugar is responsible for the current obesity epidemic in Western […]

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What You Can Eat to Live a Long Life

| April 13, 2015 Comment

What You Can Eat to Live a Long Life – Longevity researcher, Dan Buettner, in his recently published book, The Blue Zones Diet, examines the diets of people around the world where unusually high number of people are living beyond hundred years. Buettner’s book is the result of his 10-year project with the National Geographic, […]

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Exercise Has a Greater Impact on Weight As We Age Than Diet

| April 7, 2015 Comment

Exercise Has a Greater Impact on Weight As We Age Than Diet – As we age, our diet gets better but our physical activity declines, and this can make managing weight a lot more difficult. A new study looked at nearly 5,000 American adults aged 20 to 70 and gathered information on their weight, body […]

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High-Fat Dairy Foods May Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

| April 7, 2015 Comment

High-Fat Dairy Foods May Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes – Like high-fat yogurt and cheese? They may actually prevent type 2 diabetes, a new study shows. Researchers looked at 27,000 participants of the Malmo Diet and Cancer study conducted in the early 1990s. They were between the ages of 45 and 74, and were […]

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Don’t Fall Prey to the Sitting Disease

| July 20, 2014 Comment

Don’t fall prey to the sitting disease, health experts warn. Sitting for too long and for too many hours can be dangerous to your health. A new study shows that 34 diseases and health conditions have been linked to excessive sitting, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cognitive decline, disability in people over 60, and cancer, […]

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Alzheimer’s Preventable in a Third of the Cases

| July 15, 2014 Comment

Alzheimer’s is preventable in a third of the cases, according to a University of Cambridge study. Researchers identified seven important risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, which include, diabetes, midlife hypertension, midlife obesity, physical inactivity, depression, smoking, and poor education. A third of these are because of lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise and smoking, […]

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Abdominal Fat May Increase Risk of COPD

| July 11, 2014 Comment

A new study has found that abdominal fat may increase the risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a group of lung disease like bronchitis, which block air flow and make it difficult to breathe. Being underweight is also bad, according to researchers who studied data from over 100,000 patients aged 50 to 70 years […]

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Hot Summers Linked to Obesity

| July 1, 2014 Comment

Researchers at University of Austin, Texas, have found that hot summers are linked to obesity. Adults living in states where summers are hot and humid are more prone to obesity as they tend to stay indoors and exercise less. The same is also true of those living in states where the weather is extremely cold […]

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New Guidelines for Preventing a Secondary Stroke

| May 6, 2014 Comment

New guidelines for preventing secondary stroke have been issued by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. The recommendations emphasize the importance of controlling hypertension and lifestyle changes for survivors of stroke and transient ischemic attacks. The guidelines recommend counseling patients with a history of stroke to follow a Mediterranean diet, instead of a […]

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