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UK Study Debunks Recent Research on the Sitting Disease

| October 20, 2015 Comment

UK Study Debunks Recent Research on the Sitting Disease – We’re all familiar with recent studies that have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health, and that it may be better to stand. Authors of a new study, however, say that sitting or standing doesn’t have a negative effect on health as long as you’re exercising regularly.

Researchers at Exeter University and University College London studied over 5,000 people over 16 years. Participants provided information on how much time they spent sitting each week, whether for work or leisure, or while watching TV. Researchers then used the Cox proportional hazards model to analyze the association between sitting behaviors and the risk of early death.

Researchers found that 450 participants had died during the study period, but found no association between sitting time and risk of death. Researchers say that this could be because the participants were more physically active than the average person, and this may have protected them from negative health effects. Researchers attribute the association between sitting and mortality risk that earlier studies have found to “low total daily energy expenditure.” They caution policy makers against recommending “reductions in sitting time as a stand-alone public health intervention,” and suggest that more research is needed.


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