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US Ranks Lowest in Healthcare

| June 16, 2014 Comment

US ranks lowest in healthcare among the eleven industrialized nations, despite the fact that it spends more than any other country.

The report came from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Researchers used 80 factors to compare the quality of healthcare from 2011-2013 among developed countries. UK tops the list, though it spends only half as much as US.

US ranked lowest in infant mortality rates. It also ranked low in affordability and access to healthcare, with nearly 40% of adults saying they did not visit a doctor or fill a prescription because of high costs.

US ranked lowest in efficiency in terms of administrative hassles, such as dealing with insurers, timely access to records and test results, re-hospitalizations, duplicate testing, and communication among healthcare providers. Doctors reported spending a lot of time on administrative work getting insurance companies to approve treatments.

US ranked high (4th) only on healthcare quality.

The study was done before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. More….

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