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Woman’s Missing Part of Brain Went Unnoticed for 24 Years

| September 13, 2014 Comment

Woman’s Missing Part of Brain Went Unnoticed for 24 Years – A 24-year-old woman in China was found to be completely without a cerebellum.

Beneath the brain’s two hemispheres rests the cerebellum, a small but powerful mass of tissue that houses about 50 percent of the organ’s neurons. While that sounds like something a person couldn’t live without, they actually can and a woman in China has been doing so for 24 years.

She recently went to a hospital and said she’d been experiencing dizziness and nausea. Further inquiry revealed that she didn’t begin to form intelligible words until she was 6 and for her whole life had experienced issues with keeping a steady gait.

Suspecting it was a brain issue, doctors performed a CAT scan, but it’s unlikely anyone was prepared for what they found. The woman’s cerebellum was completely missing. In its place was a large amount of the fluid that cushions the brain and protects it from diseases. Hers is only the 9th case of such a thing in recorded history.

Due to its rarity, what it means for the woman’s future is unclear. Research has shown a link between her condition and death at a young age, so she has already defied most odds.

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