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If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend too much time cooking, but you can’t eat leftovers from last week or frozen dinners either. And, like me, if you’re also a strict vegetarian, you don’t have too many options if you want to eat out … assuming you can afford to, in these difficult times. So what’s a girl (or for that matter, a guy) to do? Learn to cook, experiment with different recipes, and create your own! That’s what I did.

Though, at times, I crib about having to cook every day, I must say I get a lot of satisfaction from putting together a tasty meal for my family and friends. Requests for second helpings and plates licked clean (well, almost) make it all worthwhile. And in the process, if I can also make sure my family’s eating right, then it’s more than worth it.

I’ve been cooking since the day I landed in the US (from India) as a student eighteen years ago, and have since become quite good at whipping up some fairly decent meals – so my family and friends say. They’re biased, of course.

If I know anything about cooking, it’s thanks to my mom, who makes delicious food! On this site, I present many of her great recipes! Also featured here are recipes from my husband, my sister, and friends.

Get cooking, and let me know what you think!