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Sample Menus

| March 23, 2013 Comment



Use these sample menus to make your vegetarian meal-planning a little easier.

Traditional Indian vegetarian meals are delicious and nutritious and usually consist of roti (Indian flatbread) and/or rice with an array of vegetable curries, lentils soups, raitas/salads. These are served with a variety of condiments such as pickles, chutneys, and pappadums and other fried and crunchy accompaniments like yogurt-chillies and can be added as desired. (Many of these condiments are available in Indian grocery stores.) These combinations of dishes are usually well-balanced and take care of general nutritive requirements.

Use the appropriate serving size to meet your specific needs calorie- and nutrition-wise. These menus work for any meal – lunch or dinner.

Here are some sample menus for everyday meals as well as special occasions.
I have tried to create menus that, for the most part, include recipes already on the site.

I’ll be adding more menus, so do check back often.

Vegetarian Menus

Bottlegourd Dal (Lentil Soup with Bottlegourd)
Stuffed Okra
Rice and/or roti
Plain Yogurt

Yellow Lentil Soup
Potato Bell-Pepper Curry
Roti and/or Rice
Plain Yogurt/Raita

Spinach Dal
Bell-Pepper Onion Fry
Rice and/or Roti
Plain Yogurt

Black-Eyed Peas Curry
Potato Raita
Rice and/or Roti

Mor Kolambu (Kadhi)
Tindora with Coconut
Toor Dal Chutney

Cabbage Paratha
Methi Yogurt
Lemon Dal

Potato Masala
Spinach Raita

Eggplant-Drumstick Curry
Plain Dal

Eggplant-Cilantro Curry
Amaranth Dal
Plain Yogurt

Plantain Fry
Plain Yogurt/Raita

Special Occasions

Chana Masala
Okra Fry
Plain Basmati Rice and Naan
Tomato-Onion Raita
Semolina Kheer (Pudding)

Dal Makhani
Stuffed Bell-Pepper
Cucumber Raita or Salad
Basmati Rice and Paratha

Kidney Beans Chili
Okra Curry
Jeera Dal
Spinach Raita
Plain Basmati Rice
Ice Cream

Matar Paneer
Fried Rice
Onion-Chili Yogurt
Plain Paratha
Carrot Halwa

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