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Food Preparation the Vegan Way

| March 18, 2014 Comment

Converting from a full-fledged meat lover into a vegan need not be hard. As long as you know how to prepare your food properly so that all the flavors are sealed in. While you do not get any of the unwanted fat that meat has to offer, you will love this new lifestyle to bits. Some pointers have been listed below to help you turn into a full-time vegan easily.

  • Serve your favorite dishes sans the meat.
    Some people think that turning into a vegan means living on salads every single day. That is not true. You can still have those delicacies you used to love, only this time the meat is removed. Do you think it won’t be the same as before? Of course it wouldn’t be, but if you add meat substitutes that provide the same taste, it would be even better.
  • Look for healthy meat alternatives.
    Tofu is a common choice, but vegetable gluten is also popular. You can use these two alternatives for preparing homemade burger patties. The end product will look the same, and the taste would also be meat-like. You can even add spices to these meals to come up with a unique and even more exquisite taste.
  • Go fresh.
    When it comes to drinks, you don’t have to limit yourself to water. Avoiding sodas and other unhealthy beverages shouldn’t bother you. Think of the fact that you are disallowing high fructose corn syrup from entering your system. You should concentrate on creating fresh fruit juices in their place so that your body can get more nutrients. If you have some fruits that do not offer much juice, then add milk and make a healthy smoothie out of them instead. A little bit of imagination and innovativeness goes a long way.

Who wouldn’t love preparing vegan meals when they taste good and help your body become healthy? Always remember that you can still enjoy your favorite dishes without the unhealthiness it used to offer. Being conscious about what is included in your food is important in keeping yourself in shape.

Article contributed by Alesha Wilson, staff writer at RockwellNutrition.com

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