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Hair Removal Fictions

| August 25, 2014 Comment

Hair Removal Fictions – There is no lack of hair removal myths. We’ll uncover these hair removal fictions in this video.

Expert: Cary Zdenek General Manager of Operations for Strip USA / Licensed Esthetician


Here’s another popular misconception – shaving your underarm hair leaves you with darker armpit skin. The pigment in your skin is in no way affected by shaving. But, since you’re cutting the hair at skin level, the slight stubble can make the skin APPEAR darker.

It’s also not true that laser hair removal can permanently damage your skin. In fact, the laser penetrates only one to four millimeters deep into the skin, which isn’t enough to do much harm. Sure it may hurt, but it’s no worse than a mild sunburn.

And that leads us to our last hair removal myth  – a single laser treatment permanently removes hair. First, lasers can’t permanently remove hair, but they CAN permanently reduce growth. And secondly, it takes between four to seven sessions to have around an 80 percent overall body hair removal success rate.

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