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The Air Curler

| August 15, 2014 Comment

The Air Curler – Do you want beautiful, curly hair? Then, the AirCurler is for you…maybe. Watch this video to see a demonstration of the product and to find out if the AirCurler actually works like it does in those commercials.

Expert: Grace Gold


The Air Curler is a potential alternative to your standard curling iron, which is great news for those of us who can’t figure out how to use one.

Curling irons, which can get as hot as 400 degrees Fahrenheit, can damage your hair, especially if you don’t use heat protecting spray before you style. But the makers of the AirCurler believe they’ve created an even hair-friendlier solution-a cylinder that attaches to your blow dryer. When you place DAMP hair into the cylinder and turn on the blow dryer, they say your hair is dried and spun into perfect curls in 20 seconds. And going section by section, you can finish your whole head in less time than it would take to use a curling iron.

True, the AirCurler may be better for your hair because it doesn’t place your hair against a searing hot iron. But does it curl your hair as beautifully as the commercials show?

The Healthguru reviewer found that it was easier and faster to use than a curling iron when her hair dryer was on high. But it took longer to work than the instructed 20 seconds, plus the bulky shape makes it inconvenient for traveling.

Overall, though she said she’d use it again. The AirCurler works well on some hair types and not so well on others. I’ve personally found that the Air Curler works best on slightly wavy hair that easily holds a curl. If you have curly, thick or coarse hair types, your strands can end up tangled instead of curled. You end up damaging your hair anyway, because you have to brush the knots out of your hair.

If you’re curious, you can buy it on the Air Curler website, where they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, or at a drug- or beauty supply store. But I recommend looking for that policy so that you’re not out of any money in case it doesn’t work for you. Check out other videos in this series to get more honest reviews on other beauty products!

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