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Healthiest Way to Cook Veggies

| December 14, 2014 Comment

Healthiest Way to Cook Veggies – Chef Pace Webb, owner of Taste of Pace Catering and a cancer survivor, tells host Judy Greer how to spot healthy veggies at the supermarket. Look for what’s plentiful, and what has the brightest color. She also shows the healthiest way to cook them.

Eat good, seasonal food whenever you can. If you can’t make it to the local farmer’s market, you can pick the most fresh-looking and colorful vegetables from your grocery store, because the more color and variety you add to your plate, the more nutrients you’ll get.

Seasonal produce is less expensive, more flavorful and nutrient dense. Any produce that’s in abundance in the store is seasonal. Each color pigment provides a different set of vitamins and disease-fighting phytochemicals.

Blanching and shocking vegetables like green beans is a great way to cook them. Cook beans in hot, boiling water for a few minutes until tender and remove them and put in ice-cold water. This keeps the nutrients intact and also preserves their color. Exposing veggies to too much heat can rob them of their nutrients.

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