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How to Eat to Flatten Your Belly

| December 6, 2014 Comment

How to Eat to Flatten Your Belly – Health coach Carey Peters (http://loseweightlikeacelebrity.com/) shares her secrets to maintaining a flat belly with host Judy Greer.

Tips for a flat belly

Whole unprocessed foods + mindful eating = flat belly. Whole unprocessed foods include whole grains and quinoa.

The body takes about 20 minutes to realize it’s full.

Green tea can fight obesity and lower bad cholesterol.

Berries are an anti-fat food as they’re loaded in antioxidants and fiber.

A high-fiber diet = 25 gms of fiber a day. Fiber keeps thing moving, and keeps your digestion on track. Good digestion is key to avoiding a bloated belly.

Stop drinking carbonated beverages as they bloat your belly.

Replace gluten, dairy, and sugar with whole unprocessed foods.

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